The New Hanover County Schools are ranked 145 of the 482 school districts in North Carolina. And, while North Carolina is ranked 36th nationally in educational performance, and 46th in teacher pay, students who take the SATs in New Hanover County do, on average, perform above slightly above the national average.

Below is a list and contact information on each of the elementary, middle and high schools. Where appropriate, there is also some additional information on some of the schools. Also included is how each school ranks in performance compared to the other schools in North Carolina. In considering the performance ranking, one must also recognize that the socio-economic factors of each school’s population might be quite different. To get a better sense of each school, visit the New Hanover Schools web site and click on “Schools”. It will provide a link to each school’s respective web site. These web sites provide a sense of each school’s personality and focus.

Pre-Kindergarten Programs

There are two Pre-K programs in New Hanover County. These are:

  • Howe Pre K; 1020 Meanes St.; 910-251-6195
  • Johnson Pre K; 1100 McRae St; 910-251-6155

Elementary Schools

There are 24 elementary schools in New Hanover County. For the most part, attendance is determined by geography, each school serving children in the contiguous neighborhoods.  There are 1310 elementary schools in North Carolina. The bold faced number in parenthesis reflects each school’s rank within the state.

  • Alderman (1121/1310); 2025 Independence Blvd; 910-350-2031
  • Anderson (382/1310); 455 Halliburton Parkway; 910-798-3311
  • Bellamy (99/1310); 70 Sanders Rd.; 901-350-2059
  • Blair (391/1310); 6510 Market St.; 910-350-2045
  • Bradley Creek (325/1310); 6211 Greenville Loop Rd.; 910-350-2051
  • Carolina Beach (179/1310); 400 South 4th St; 910-458-0459
  • Castle Haynes (381/1310); 3925 Roger Haynes Dr.; 910-602-4970
  • Codington (69/1310); 4321 Carolina Beach Rd.; 910-790-2236—This school has a special year round program. Students can apply from throughout the county and are accepted on a lottery basis.
  • College Park (892/1310); 5001 Oriole Dr.; 910-350-2162
  • Eaton (22/1310); 6707 Gordon Rd.; 910-397-1546
  • Forest Hills (586/1310); 602 Colonial Dr.; 910-251-6054
  • Gregory School of Science, Math and Technology (752/1310); 1106 Ann St.; 910-251-6023
  • Holly Tree (76/1310); 3020 Web Trace Rd.; 910-790-2252
  • Lake Forest Academy; 1806 South 15th St.; 910-772-2516—This is a special school for “at risk” children (children with emotional issues; at risk home situations, etc.)
  • Murrayville (495/1310); 225 Mabee Way; 910-790-5068
  • Ogden (23/1310); 3637 Middle Sound Loop; 910-790-2362
  • Parsley (5/1310); 3518 Masonboro Loop Rd.; 910-790-2362
  • Pine Valley (350/1310); 440 John S. Mosby Drive; 910-350-2121
  • Rachel Freeman School of Engineering (1161/1310); 2601 Princess Place Dr.; 910-251-6013
  • Snipes Academy of Arts and Design (1263/1310); 2150 Chestnut St.; 910-815-6974
  • Sunset Park (942/1310); 613 Alabama Ave.; 910-815-6901
  • Williams (818/1310); 801 Silver Lake Rd.; 910-350-2168
  • Winter Park (852/1310); 2045 MacMillan Ave. 910-350-2155
  • Wrightsboro (935/1310); 2716 Castle Haynes Rd. 910-815-6915
  • Wrightsville Beach (36/1310); 220 Coral Dr.; 910-256-4386

Middle Schools

There are 9 Middle schools in New Hanover County. As with the elementary schools, for the most part, students attend the school closest to their residence.   Overall, there are 618 Middle schools in North Carolina. The ranking of each New Hanover Middle school is shown in the parenthesis after the name of the school.

  • Holly Shelter (313/618); 3921 Roger Haynes Dr.; 910-602-4046
  • Lake Forest Academy (601/618): 1806 So. 15th St. 910-772-2516– This is a special school for “at risk” children (children with emotional issues; at risk home situations, etc.)
  • Murray (110/618); 655 Halliburton Parkway; 910-790-2351
  • Myrtle Grove (87/618); 901 Piner Rd; 910-350-2104
  • Noble (57/618); 6520 Market St.; 910-350-2109
  • Roland Grise (72/618); 4412 Lake Ave; 910-350-2133
  • Trask (158/618); 2900 No. College Rd; 910-350-2144
  • Virgo Prep Academy; 813 Nixon Rd.; 910-251-6055
  • Williston (456/618); 401 So. 10th St.; 910-815-6904

High Schools

There are 6 high schools in New Hanover County. The 4 major high schools serve populations that are in the contiguous neighborhoods. However, some of the schools have special programs that are open to students throughout the County through and application and acceptance review process. The Isaac Bear and Wilmington Early College schools are special schools for students seeking a more rigorous academic program. Students must compete for acceptance to these schools. There are 564 high schools in North Carolina. The New Hanover High School rankings are show next to the name of each school.

  • Ashley (144/564); 555 Halliburton Parkway: 910-790-2356—Ashley has a special Marine Sciences Program which is open to all County students on a competitive acceptance basis.
  • Hoggard (102/564); 4305 Shipyard; 910-350-2066—Hoggard has a special International Baccalaureate Program which is open to all students on a competitive acceptance basis.
  • Laney (226/564); 2700 No. College Rd.; 910-380-2083.
  • New Hanover (285/564); 1307 Market St.; 910-251-6114—New Hanover has a special Lyceum Academy Program for advanced students. The program is open to all County students on a competitive acceptance basis.
  • Isaac Bear Early College (24/564); 630 MacMillan; 910-350-1392—Isaac Bear is an accelerated college ready program. Students finish their high school requirements in the first 2 years and take UNCW classes during their junior and senior year. They graduate with a high school diploma and up to 60 college credits at UNCW.
  • Wilmington Early College (30/564); 4500 Blue Clay Rd.; 910-362-7424—This school based at the campus of Cape Fear Community College provides an accelerated program with students taking many of their classes at Cape Fear Community College. Students graduate with a high school diploma and an Associate’s Degree from Cape Fear Community College.

 Charter Schools

  • Cape Fear Center for Inquiry; 3131 Randall Parkway; 910-362-000—This is an k-8 school that accepts students on an application basis. It has received a score of 9 out of 10 on the Great Schools rating system. It serves 357 students. As a Charter School, there is no tuition for accepted students.
  • Wilmington Preparatory Academy; 606 So. College Rd.; 910—This is a K-6 Charter schoolthat accepts students on an application basius. It received a score of 3 out of 10 on the Great Schools rating system. This school accepts students on a first come first serve basis.

Private Schools

  • Cape Fear Academy; 3900 So. College Rd.; 910-791-0287—This is a nonsectarian independent school serving grades k-12. It serves 573 students. Tuition is $10,000-16,000 per year.
  • Wilmington Christian Academy; 1401 No. College Rd.; 910-791-4248—This is a Baptist Christian school serving grades k-12.   It serves 672 students.
  • Coastal Christian High School; The Kings Highway; 910-395-9995. This is a Christian high school serving grades 9-12. It serves 133 students. Tuition is approximately $6000 per year.
  • Myrtle School Christian School; 806 Piner Rd.; 910-392-2067—This conservative Christian school serves 425 students in grades k-8.
  • Friends School: 351 Peiffer Ave.; 910-791-8221; This is a school developed in the Quaker tradition, serving 186 K-12 students. Tuition is $16,000-$24,000.
  • St. Mark’s School; 1013 Eastwood Rd.; 910-392-6777. This is a Catholic School serving 430 students in grades K-8. Tuition ranges from $5300-$6874 per year.
  • St. Mary’s School; 412 Ann St; 910-762-5491. This is a Catholic School serving students in grades K-9.