1. Trust that they are recommending the RIGHT price.   After discussions with your agent about how quickly you want to move your property, the agent should be honest about what think it will sell for so that you don’t waste time with an over-priced property; or leave money on the table with an underpriced property. Take the time to look at their competitive market analysis.
  2. Experience – Especially as it relates to (#1); an experienced agent will know the top dollar you will be able to net based on the pros and cons of your property. The items your home lacks (or are problems) are just as important its positive features. An experienced agent will help you avoid any legal pitfalls and facilitate a smooth transaction.
  3. Service – expect at least weekly communication about the market and your property. Expect feedback promptly after each showing. Expect frequent strategy sessions if your home is not selling. Expect hand-holding through the closing process
  4. Commitment to marketing – make sure the agent is committing to at least the basic marketing program, and hopefully going above the basics. Will they produce an in-home marketing package for the showing agents to use? Will their pictures and copy be professionally done? Will they be producing virtual tours or conduction open houses? Will the neighbors know about the property? How will they be marketing to both the general public and other agents?
  5. Agency – who will your agent represent? Is there a chance that they will be a dual agent and you will not be getting full representation? Make sure to ask.
  6. Negotiator – do you think your agent will fold when the going gets tough? You want someone who will go to bat on your behalf without making the other side feel beaten down.
  7. Association with a firm – discuss with your agent the benefits of working with a larger firm or whether a smaller firm is meeting your needs.
  8. Honesty – do you trust the agent who will be handling one of the most important transactions in your life?
  9. Personality – do you enjoy working with your agent?
  10. Commission – will your agent clearly explain how commissions work and what they will do to earn their salary?