My primary job as a buyer’s agent is to ensure that you choose a property that does not have any liabilities so that you can love where you live, build equity and re-sell easily!
Jennifer Ford

Being a Buyer’s Agent

Buying a home is definitely an adventure! Whether this is your first house, or you’ve lost count, you can save yourself time, money and aggravation with the right agent.

I am a full-time agent with over 20 years of experience working with buyers of all types.

Most importantly, I will not “sell” you a house. The house will do that on its own; it will speak to you and meet your needs or not. We will take our time and look for something that is a good fit.

Interviewing a Buyer Agent

Be careful when calling the listing agent to see a property that looks promising. If they show you the property, and you are interested in buying it, they may become a dual agent (representing both the buyer and the seller and not exclusively a buyer’s agent). You might not even like that agent, but be committed to working with them if you like the home.

A better method is to find an agent you trust and agree to work with them exclusively. If you are comfortable with this agent you will know that they have access to all potential properties for sale and can help you do all the legwork to find the appropriate ones to see. In most cases they can also be an exclusive buyer’s agent and represent you completely. Don’t worry about wasting their time or worrying that they will be leaning on you if you are just starting your search. A good agent will not pressure you.

When Selecting a Buyer’s Agent Look For:

  • Patience: Someone who is not in a hurry to cash a check; you may need considerable time to find the right property.
  • Experience. Buying a home is an important financial investment; make certain you are working with someone who can maximize your investment and clear any hurdles; someone who knows the pitfalls of making a bad real estate choice.
  • A hard worker. Someone who will go above and beyond; someone who will look outside the box and make recommendations that you may not have considered.
  • Flexibility; someone who can show you properties around your schedule for as long as it takes to find the right property.
  • Excellent negotiator. Know what is important to include in the offering price and set a realistic strategy to achieve your goal.
  • Organized closer. There are a lot of dates to watch and tasks to complete to close a property; this is where it can get tricky.

Let’s find the perfect home together.

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